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Residential Philosphy

“Any place I hang my hat is home...”

You could say that (and songwriter Johnny Mercer did, in 1946). Kent Interiors and owner Denise Morocco beg to differ. They say it’s smartly-designed interiors that transform a place into a home.

The firm’s residential projects always...

  • use space intelligently and gracefully.
  • consider energy use, conservation and efficiency.
  • source textiles and artifacts organically.
  • integrate clients’ treasures with a fresh eye.

Morocco’s personal attention uncovers or creates what works best for you, the client. All good designers possess a well-honed talent for listening. Kent Interiors (while exceptional) is no exception to this rule.

Residential projects that Kent Interiors welcomes include:

  • design challenges that incorporate construction.
  • redesigns to reduce energy use and introduce alternatives.
  • clients relocating from/to international locations.
  • clients who need a master plan, to be realized in stages.

Denise Morocco’s design training and experience; construction training and experience; and stints heading her own firms in Hong Kong and Kent, CT, yield sophisticated, custom results. They also yield:

  Kitchens & Baths

Kitchens present challenges: How to fit myriad appliances, ample storage, room to cook (and maybe even eat) into one area. Did we mention the Kitchen must be safe, practical and beautiful?

And Baths? Baths are the new Kitchens, meaning the features, storage and glamour now achievable are equally rich. The measuring and spec’ing here must be as precise as in Kitchens. Keeping abreast of what fixtures will fit requires a designer’s serious attention.

Kent Interiors has deep design experience in both rooms and—just as crucial—broad construction experience. Your new Kitchen or Bath will dazzle with its big-picture beauty and sparkling details.


Residential redesigns commence with bold plans and handsome renderings. They culminate in gorgeous interiors and grateful clients. That’s the script for success any homeowner would write.

Homeowners need confidence in the design firm heading up the process. How a firm handles challenges (otherwise known as “site conditions” and sometimes known as “life”) depends on their experience, design creativity and interpersonal skills.

You may not see the problem-solving, negotiation and persistence required during the renovation process. But at the end of the day a Kent Interiors project shines with:

Beauty | Balance | Comfort Beauty | Balance | Comfort


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Beauty | Balance | Comfort